Our Farm

MybestheidiOur farm is truly a slice of heaven, and we feel incredibly blessed to be able to live where we do.  Only 6km from the beautiful Southern Ocean we are located just 20mins from both Albany and Denmark.  Our farm looks down into a small valley and is green for most the year due to a mild climate and good rainfall.

We first purchased the farm in 2003 with the idea of a lifestyle block. It was only 30 acres (12 hectares) and we would have dearly loved to buy a bigger farm, but at the time it was all we could afford.  It had a tiny, dilapidated weatherboard house and everything was very run down and overgrown.  The soils, pastures and fences had been long neglected, but it was a start for us and we could see the potential in the property.

The next few years were spent put improving and extending our house, rebuilding fences and yards, putting out lime and trace minerals to improve our pastures.  With that, alongside planning and building a dairy, cheese factory and business from scratch -and having several amazing children, there have been some very, very busy years!

Just over the last few months we have now managed to purchase some more land from the farmer next door to us.  It was badly needed as Over the Moon has fast outgrown our initial farm.  This new area of our farm comes with a challenge – it’s covered in an old bluegum plantation.  Follow our story on Facebook as we restore the land back to pasture.


We have had so many requests from our lovely customers to come and visit the farm and meet our beautiful cows to see where all that wonderful milk and dairy produce comes from.  We have been so busy with our day-to-day farming and family life that we haven’t had the time and space to show visitors around our farm on a regular basis. However next year in 2017 we will be opening up our farm to visitors and school groups as we feel it is incredibly important that people connect with where their food comes from, and have an appreciation of what goes into making it. It doesn’t simply grow on the supermarket shelf ☺