Our Organic status – and now Biodynamic journey

We have always been great believers in an organic philosophy and when we bought the farm it was simply inherent that we would farm following organic principles.   We formalised those philosophies and practices with official organic certification of our farm in 2008 with the ACO (Australian Certified Organic). We  have remained certified with them until 2014.  At that time we became disillusioned with the certification process - due to the requirement of a large annual financial contribution to the organisation with very little support coming back to the producer. It appeared the ‘just don’t use chemicals’ mantra was now all that was needed to be organic.  In our view, farming organically is so much more that just not using chemicals!  It’s about caring for our environment and farming in a way that is not simply sustainable, but regenerative and restorative as well.

We have been investigating other kinds of certification and found that Biodynamic farming reflected how we wanted to progress our farm, and move forward to maintain and  improve our soil, animals and overall environmental health.  Of course at the end of the day that results in producing the healthiest, most vibrant, nutritious food that we possibly can - full of vitamins, minerals and vitality!

Follow our journey with us into Biodynamics on Facebook.  Juliet just went to a 4 day workshop with Biodymanic guru  Hugh Lovell to start to gain some understanding and insight of what lies ahead.

In a nutshell, Biodynamics provides tools to make organics easier by:

  • organising the nutrient cycles with the farm,
  • activating the soil food web, which creates humus,
  • creating resilience in plants and animals against stress and extreme weather events,
  • balancing the atmosphere around plants, and
  • optimising growth cycles using lunar and cosmic rhythms.