Starry Night Camembert

Starry Night Camembert is crafted in the traditional French Artisan method, on farm with milk from our Jersey cows.  It is a classic Camembert with a velvety soft rind, pale yellow interior that oozes when ripe, with aromas reminiscent of mushrooms and freshly cut hay. This ripe round of cheese is delightful when matched with a glass of white wine or champagne.

A note on Camembert and Triple Cream Brie (Soft white cheeses)

These hand made, Artisan, white mould cheeses will ‘ripen’. Over time they will change from chalky and mild to creamy and full flavoured. They are best enjoyed near the ‘best before’ date and consumed at room temperature. Why does the flavour of these cheeses seem to vary?  At different times of the year depending on the season, our cows are grazing on different kinds of grasses.  The flavours of these grasses comes through in the milk which is reflected in the cheeses - a perfectly natural and delightful seasonal variation.